Audio-visual documentation is being added to my channel on Vimeo

Audio excerpts can be found on Soundcloud:





A fair amount of audio documentation of various performances, broadcasts, and presentations of mine can be found on the Transmission Arts Archive of the Wave Farm (formerly

Ditto at ORF Kunstradio, Austria, where I have made many shows over the years…

Fog Refrain, created for Radio Art Zone in 2022, is a 22 hour extravaganza of live radio art…

The Joy Channel, created with Emmanuel Madan, released on IO Sound on Bandcamp, 2018.


Projects with Absolute Value of Noise:

Water Line/Estuary Almanac: A 365 day generative radio piece that follows the rhythms of tidal waters at the river’s edge. Commissioned for the annual project KONTINUUM by Deutschlandfunk Kultur (Berlin) and Ö1 Kunstradio (Vienna), April 2023 – March 2024. Listen HERE until end of March 2024.

Solar Radio (installation): information and live stream (when sunny enough at Wave Farm)

Solar Radio/Embodied Radio Device (album):

Morse Mountain, durational radio art work created for Tsonami Festival de Arte Sonoro, Valparaíso, Chile, 2022.

Mechanical Velocities, durational radio art work created for Radiophrenia, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow Scotland, 2020.

Somewhere a Voice is Calling, created together with Absolute Value of Noise and Glenn Gear as a live performance in 2007, then re-composed and released as an album and radio work in October 2014. Available for listen or purchase on bandcamp

Extremity Cassette, durational generative audio created for Art’s Birthday 2009.


Projects created for Radius:







And some other places around the web…





2015 release on Audition Records of Quota;Unquota, Female Soloists in Berlin Vol 1, featuring solo live performances by me, JD Zazie, Audrey Chen, and others at K77 Berlin in 2012, curated by Salon Bruit, Berlin. Creative Commons downloadable album and art, and video interviews with us all are here too.

Live set by Anna Friz, Jeff Kolar and Eric Leonardson, from the Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago IL May 15, 2015.

… a radio show of my work aired in 2014 on sound artist Meira Asher‘s Radio Art program on 106FM in Israel, including two excerpts from my ongoing collaboration with Chicago-based artist Eric Leonardson, and my solo works White Night and Radiotelegraph.

RA106fm_prgrm05_Anna Friz by Radioart106fm on Mixcloud

…such as this improvisation with Maja Osojnik for Art’s Birthday January 17, 2014 over the internet, Anna in Ljubljana (radioCONA) and Maja in Vienna (ORF Kunstradio). Listen here.

… and my mostly electro-magnetic set with Vancouver sound artist Kristen Roos at Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art in Toronto, Canada, May 2013.

A couple of short pieces under the name “Measure the Time Taken”, for No More Potlucks, which have since made their way into longer-form efforts…