Who are the people in your radio?

closeup_tubehead copy

Installation in vintage tube radio cabinet (2005)

Created with a production grant from Canada Council for the Arts, Media Art and Audio Art Section. Installed during a residency at the Drake Hotel, Toronto, for the duration of the Deep Wireless Festival (May 1-30, 2005). Supported by New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto.  

When I was young, I half-believed that the voices emanating from the radio were the voices of the little people who lived inside. Turn on the radio, the little people begin to talk, change the station and they change their voices. I imagined the radio people waited inside while the radio was off, ever ready to perform at the click of the dial.

Who are the people in your radio? returns to 1950, to a world of the future as imagined by the past: when television was about to take over as the new mass medium of choice, and when there were still groups of little people in the radio, living, working, fighting, and sowing the seeds of mutiny.

Friz_InstallationInstalled in a vintage tube radio cabinet, visitors overhear a moment of crisis among the little people between newscasts, and are able to peer through installed peepholes to glimpse some of the internal, secret world of the little people in the radio. 



blue tubehead

Visual design and construction of internal radio world by Jan Desrosiers. 

The audio composition and script were published in Public: Art/Culure/Ideas 31, 2006.