The Joy Channel: (with Emmanuel Madan), produced by /undefine, released on IO SOUND, 2018.

Somewhere a Voice is Calling: (with Absolute Value of Noise and Glenn Gear), independent release, 2014.

SPIN (Created by evalyn parry, produced by parry, Brad Hart and Don Kerr). I play bike lights, mbira, harmonica, accordion, melodica, leatherman, electronics, and vocals. Outspoke Productions, 2011. Nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in the “Pushing Boundaries” category.

Vacant City Radio: Toronto, independent release, 2005.

The Church of Harvey Christ Presents The Dead Beat Scrolls: Montréal, Cumulus Press, 2005.

The Church of Harvey Christ Presents the Oily Elite: Montréal, Distroboto, 2004. (with Reverends Randy Peters, Norm, Joalien, and Brian Damage)

The Church of Harvey Christ Presents the Groundhog Conspiracy: Montréal, Distroboto, 2002. (with Reverends Randy Peters, Norm, Joalien, and Brian Damage)


Air can break your heart, on Soundplay 2014: anthology of artists from Soundplay Festival. Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Poland, 2015.

Quota; Unquota: Female Soloists in Berlin Vol 1: release of live concert recording, curated by Salon Bruit. Audition Records (2015).

Our Domestic Radiation II: St. Clarens and Paton: Leonardo Music Journal 20 (2010).

Radio is everywhere in their dreams: (excerpt) included on International Computer Music Conference compilation 2008, distributed to all conference attendees.

When radios sleep, what dreams may come: for Radio Action III compilation, co-produced by free103point9 and the Radio Web Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), June 2008. (withTianna Kennedy)

Power Play: Deep Wireless 5 Radio Art Compilation, Toronto, New Adventures in Sound Art, 2008. (with Richard Lee, Christine Duncan and Richard Windeyer)

Radio CRTX: Commissioned radio composition for Radio Territories anthology, edited by Brandon LaBelle. Errant Bodies Press, 2007.

The organ dreams of leaving the grinder: For Selected Sounds, curated by Owen Chapman, Montréal. Squeezebox Records, 2006.

Reverie-Noise City, a CD document of the group residency “Reverie–Noise City”, curated by Peter Courtemanche. Front Records, 2005.

Radio Ragnarok/ One Kind Favour: For Silence Descends, curated by Peter Courtemanche, Front Records, 1999. Two tracks inspired by the book Silence Descends by George Case.