Friz + Leonardson performing at Union Docs, Brooklyn April 2013

Selected Sonic Installations, Performances, and Feature-Length Radio Art/Works:

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under lines (2015): new commissioned audio/visual work for CONA, Ljubljana Slovenia, as part of their Duos series. under lines is a series of sonic observations, dreams, and nightmares of urban infrastructures gathered from temporary living in multiple cities.

Two Sleeps (2015): new commissioned radio art piece for UK-based Radio Arts, departing from the topic of Dreamlands. A piece concerned with rising and falling; a dream about air and a dream about water.

Telefunken Twins (2014-2015): live performance created with Konrad Korabiewski for multi-channel radio, featuring two vintage Telefunken Bajazzo radio/cassette decks, multiple micro-FM transmitters, and a chorus of supporting radio receivers. We employ lo-fi instruments, spectral monitoring, and intricate feedback systems to craft an expressive and intimate world from the sensuality of signal and noise. Commissioned as live in-studio performance for ORF Kunstradio, Austrian national public radio in April 2015.

Breakwater (2014): Breakwater considers the meeting of the sea-air surface along with the added dimension of electro-magnetic activity, particularly radio waves, at the point where signals cross, mingle, and agitate one another. Four or eight-channel composition consisting of a series of boundary interactions between sound and signal, transposing between fluid and electro-magnetic media, mechanical and radio waves, featuring field recordings from underwater, from an old navy breakwater, and from shortwave and middlewave radio.

Trilogy for Night and Radio: Radiotelegraph, Night Fall, Relay (2013-2014):  a meditation on shifts in time, the materiality of signals, and the affectiveness of space, understood between remote locations and the collaborative exchange between myself and multimedia artist Konrad Korabiewski. Commissioned by Radio National/ Australian public radio to air November 2014. Produced by Skálar FM.

Drone Wedding (2014): sound design and composition for video installation by Public Studio, Toronto, commissioned by Ryerson University, Toronto for their Media Wall, September-December 2014.

White Night (2014), multi-channel radio installation. Premiere January 16, 2014, as part of City at Night residency with KC Tobačna Gallery and radioCONA.

What Isn’t There (2014): composition and sound design for multi-screen film installation by Toronto-based Public Studio. The work returns to the sites of former Palestinian villages that were abandoned after 1948.

Radiotelegraph (2013), work for broadcast, commissioned by Radius, simulcast on two unlicensed transmitters in Seydisfjördur, Iceland and Chicago, U.S.A. Premiere, October 2013.

Collecting Clocks and Losing Time (2012), suite for broadcast. 50 minutes. Premiere airing, Radio Valentin Letelier for Tsonami Festival de Arte Sonoro, Valparaiso Chile. November 26, 2012.

Five Times (less a hundred) (2012), multi-channel audio installation. Commissioned by An Audio Gallery, Second Site Collective, Vancouver B.C.

Zero Hour/Uncoordinated Universal Time (2012/2014), suite for broadcast. 60 min segment, 5 hour suite, or endless loop. Premiere live on-air and on-line performance, Mobile Radio BSP, 30th Sao Paulo Biennial, Sao Paolo Brasil. October 31, 2012. Longer versions premiered on radioCONA 2014.

Tuner (2011), suite for broadcast. 50 minutes. Premiere live on-air on-line performance, ORF Kunstradio, cultural channel of the Austrian national public radio, Vienna Austria. December 4, 2011.

For the time being (2010)– composition for radio broadcast, and performance scored for the Suomen Teatteriorkesteri. Commissioned by Äänen Lumo Festival for New Sounds, Helsinki, Finland.

Domestic Wireless, Dust (2009)  -site-specific 5-channel radio transmitter, receiver and antenna installation

Short Horizon(2008/2013) –composition for radio broadcast, later developed into a live performance at Deep Wireless Festival of Transmission Art together with Kristen Roos.

Extremity Cassette (2009) with Absolute Value of Noise –generative audio stream

Respire (2008-2009)  –performance and installation

Dancing Walls Stir the Prairie (2007) with Eric Leonardson –performance and composition (for radio broadcast and soon to be released on CD)

The Joy Channel (2007/2009) with Emmanuel Madan –performance and composition for broadcast (stereo and 5.1), commissioned for Radiovisionen: 250 Jahre Radio, Berlin, Germany.

Somewhere a voice is calling (2007/2014) with Absolute Value of Noise and Glenn Gear –audio/visual performance. Remixed and extended as a generative composition together with Absolute Value of Noise.

You are far from us (2006-2008) –installation and performance, commissioned for Radio Revolten, Halle, Germany.

La vida secreta de la radio/The Secret Life of Radio (2005) –live multi-channel performance

Who are the people in the radio? (2005) –installation

Vacant City Radio(2005) –composition (for radio broadcast, and self-released on CD)

Radio is everywhere in their dreams (2004) composition and (2008) performance

The Automated Prayer Machine(2004) with Annabelle Chvostek –performance

The Clandestine Transmissions of Pirate Jenny (2000/2002) –composition, live performance, radio intervention

There’s a risk of arrest if you turn right (2001) with Richard Williams –composition for radio broadcast

Silence Descends (1999) group residency at the Western Front –compositions released on CD produced by the Western Front, and generative audio stream as part of “Sound Drifting” at Ars Electronica 1999.

B.E.A.R. (1998) with Sharon Feder –live performance/action