B Radio: a series of radio shows mashing b-list genres with radio art. Each B Radio episode features a theme to structure the improvisational nature of the shows, though tangents are frequent and encouraged. It’s live radio, streamed, with special guests and live audience. The core group of performers play live instruments and electronics, sample wildly, speculate broadly, and have been known to sing. Show are long form, generally between 2-5 hours in length.

Hosted by the mighty Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago, and rebroadcast on WGXC / Transmission Arts in Columbia and Green Counties, New York.

NRRF is a collaborative effort to make unlicensed neighborhood radio art. For the B Radio iteration, the core group of noisemakers consists of Jonny Farrow, Anna Friz, Steve Germana, Jeff Kolar, Peter Speer, with Sarah Knudtson (documentation and props wrangling).


January 17, 2013:  Art’s Birthday

May 1, 2013: Voyage to the Forbidden Planet (special short version for Deep Wireless Festival of Radio and Transmission Art, Toronto)

June 13, 2013: Landfall on the Forbidden Planet

July 3, 2013; Pirate Picnic in the Bermuda Triangle

July 17, 2013: The Occult: I Think Up Demons

July 31, 2013: The Brood II: Insect Invasion

January 3, 2014: Wint’ry Mix: Escape Pod to Snowland

April 16, 2014: The Electric Earth

Earlier incarnations of NRRF include street radio in Montreal (Anna Friz and Richard Williams, 2001), the NRRF Radio Roadshow (Chantal Dumas, Anna Friz, and Emmanuel Madan, 2004), and Radio Free Parkdale in Toronto (Anna Friz and friends, 2005-2007).