Is that a big antenna or are you just happy to see me?

Yup, I made the move to the Chicagoland, where towers loom and their antennas have girth. I’ll be based in here for the next two years, working on my post-doctoral fellowship at the School of the Art Institute, Sound department, thanks to the generous funding of the Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture Québec (FQRSC). Still waiting to defend the dissertation, but it won’t be long now. Dr. Itinerant Friz will soon be on the case.

I’ll be getting out and about this summer, too, as part of my research will take me to ORF Kunstradio to develop some new pieces. (Actually I’m just going for the wine and the cake–ssshhhh.)

special transmission art issue of PAJ


PAJ: A Journal of Performance Art (MIT Press)  invited to contribute a special section on transmission arts. A few of us free103 regulars weighed in on the topic for issue 93, published September 2009– with Joe Milutis, myself, and Tom Roe writing about the past, present, and future of transmission art, respectively. My piece, “Transmission Art in the Present Tense” considers the much-cited legacy of Brecht in light of the emerging craft of transmission.  Other contributions include Brett Ian Balogh’s FM interface-in-progress, and Lex Bhagat’s “Instructions for How to Listen to Radio”. 

The transmission arts section is readable for free online, and includes some audio and projects in full colour. click here to read it all.