Music in Alternative Spaces


Thursday 30 July, 7PM  (show 7:30)

Mercer Union (Toronto)

Music in Alternative Spaces: Eric Woodley and Anna Friz 

In this collaboration, Woodley and Friz explore phenomenologies of recording, radio, and electricity, and the materiality of the transmission environment. Resonance becomes palpable in the meeting of historical recorded material and a multi-channel micro-watt radio intervention involving a broadcast to a number of radios within Mercer Union and surrounding environment. No such thing as dead air but an open channel instead: alive, fragile, prone to interference and decay, and resonant with activity, however local or temporary, however human. 

Using one, two, or three turntables, Eric Woodley works with the history of recorded sound as pressed into vinyl. He gives preference to these sounds as discrete entities, an audio equivalent to the approach Canadian visual artist Greg Curnoe used in his collages of the 60’s. Usually these audio collages are improvised during live broadcasts of his long running show The Lost and Found on CKLN-FM in Toronto. Woodley has also written music for many films including Terry Gilliam’s Brazil and his brother Aaron Woodley’s Rhinoceros EyesToronto Stories and Tennessee

Since 1998 Anna Friz has created self-reflexive radio art/works for international broadcast, installation or performance, where radio is the source, subject, and medium of the work. She also creates dynamic, atmospheric sound works for theatre, dance, and solo performance that are equally able to reflect upon public media culture or to reveal interior landscapes. 

Mercer Union 
A Centre for Contemporary Art 
1286 Bloor Street West 
(1 block east of Lansdowne TTC station) 
Toronto ON M6H 1N9 Canada 

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