Bad at Sports review


Forgot to post a link to this excellent review by Meredith Kooi over at Bad at Sports, a blog about contemporary art. In May 2013, myself and Coppice did a one-night installation and show over at the TriTriangle space in Wicker Park, Chicago. The aim was to hear what kind of environment would emerge when two sound installations overlap one another, and we also performed within the active sound of the two installations, again overlapping one another. Both Coppice and myself are fond of free reeds, so there were two accordions in the house, along with various other twittering whispering breathing speakers and radios. A lovely evening, and very satisfying from the creative point of view. Read all about it in Meredith’s article Suspended Radiophonic Breath Terrains: Anna Friz and Coppice at TriTriangle.