Night Fall

night fall

Night Fall

A live radio art performance by Anna Friz (CA) with special guest Konrad Korabiewski  (PL/DK/IS). Anna has been transmitting the radio art beacon Radiotelegraph from 7.-11. October at sundown, simulcast on low-watt FM radio to Seyðisfjörður, east Iceland, and to the experimental radio platform Radius in Chicago. The beacon signals the descent of the sun into the northern night, using spoken morse code, electronics, and shortwave signals. Night Fall expands from the sonic palate of the beacon in an improvised live show for unlicensed transmission, and invites the audience to contemplate the acoustic and electro-magnetic landscape of Seyðisfjörður at dusk.

Tune in to 107.1FM from 17:41 for approximately one hour (or until dark) local time.

Broadcasting from the residency space on the top floor of Skaftfell Center for Visual Art, so listeners are also welcome to drop in to the open radio studio.


Latitude 65.2601 North


I’m shacked up in East Iceland, for a two-month residency at the Skaftfell Center for Visual Art. It’s just about the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, in a small town called Seydisfjördur tucked in to the fjord and surrounded by mountains, and filled with friendly folk. The shift was a bit of a shock, to fly from my southwest neighbourhood of Pilsen in Chicago (rambunctious urban living in a full summer heatwave) to this northern sparsely populated place whose green defies the name ‘Iceland’. It’s already dipping below freezing at night, but there are blueberries, bilberries, and crowberries on the hill for the picking. Enjoying some Russian and Romanian shortwave radio too.

While here I’ll be working on two main projects: first an upcoming episode for Radius in Chicago entitled Radio Telegraph which will be simulcast in Chicago and here in Seydisfjördur across some days in October. Exact dates, times, and frequencies TBA. The second task is to work on the final version of The Joy Channel, a project conceived and created together with Emmanuel Madan. We will be doing the final mix in Berlin in November 2013.

berries_pickedSeems my work here is entering a blue phase….


It’s all absurdly scenic around here.